DrawingsWhen I went to University to study art, I wanted to major in drawing. They said I couldn’t – any artist needed to draw to do anything else. So I majored in painting and have always been grateful! But I am at heart a person who loves drawing. And, these days, I find that is how I express so much. Some of these drawings are studies to learn how things look. And others are images which arise in my head to learn how things may be. It is not unusual now for me to sit at a meeting of the church or a theological discussion and to open my drawing pad. I see things emerge which help me understand.

I use watercolour pencils and ink pens, using the pens to send the colour of the pencils into solution, making new colours and textures.  I also use my wondeful Microsoft Surface Pro and Adobe Illustrator, especially when I'm working for print.

If you want to commission drawings (see The Light We Share) or illustrations, please talk to me.  I have much pleasure working for print or original, and have much experience working with publishers.


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