For Grace or Threat


About the drawing

This drawing arose whilst listening to David Peel’s session, Finding Water in the Well. He reminding us of the Bible as a truly human book containing a transformative story – used for dire hate and used for generous grace. I thank him for reminding us that the book is not the object of our worship, but Christ as depicted here by the empty and glowing cross.

The stone square on the right is the well, overflowing.  Resting above it is a hand outstretched in generosity and both move from the Fire bursting from the Bible but not burning the Bible. This is the depiction of the grace which can be lovingly received whilst engaging with the Bible testimonies.

From the left of the Bible slithers the snake, willing to poison the stories of those who will use the Bible to their own personal ends.  The pointed hand and the first depict those personal ends in accusation and tyranny.

Resting quietly above it all is the faint dove having caught her olive branch to let Noah know that the flood waters had subsided; here, as often, used to remind us all that peace after disaster is possible.

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