The light we share


About the drawing

This piece was commissioned as a gift from the United Reformed Church to the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan on the occasion of their 150th Anniversary.

It was deliberately worked on very rough paper, a hint that no matter how much we would like, things are never quite so polished and finished; God has much more in store for these Churches on their separate and joint journeys.  Both the United Reformed Church (URC) and Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) logos are used without words to highlight things we share – images – as compared to things which potentially keep us separate – languages. The PCT logo has hints of the URC cross on it as the URC logo has colours from the PCT logo, a depiction of our mutual receipt of gifts.

The URC logo’s fish became a prevailing symbol with fish swimming each way through the waters.  The fish is one of the earliest Christian symbols, so it points to a history before both denominations, and the swimming both ways shows another kind of mutuality between these churches.  There are three very clear red fishes amongst others in the water, letting the Trinity show itself in the liturgical colour of Pentecost and the Taiwanese colour of honour.

There is a hint of a mountain range at the top, a feature of both the UK and Taiwan. Finally, the light of Christ shines from a middle place, reaching into each church’s identity, yet glowing between. We share our Christ who lives eternally and everywhere, in our churches, out of our churches and between them all.

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