Difficult Reeds


About the drawing

Through all, Gene affirmed the commitment to talking about Truth in preference to being nice, proactively dealing with the difficult instead of watering down Love to a live-able-with non thing.  As I listened to his first session, I started with strong lashings of angry colour. Then they turned into reeds, pushed tightly one against the other.  In many reed beds, there are spaces in the clumps of reeds, but these pushed against each other with angled interchanges on occasion. In the water, the colours are watered down in their reflections. This to me was the tight, colouful, truthful and difficult issues pushing each other for space, with the truth turning to nice as it appears peaceful in the pale reflections.

Then the light came out of the tightly massed reeds. I realised that with all that friction, there is heat; when there is heat, there can be light.  The light pushes out of the heated truthful interactions. In the original drawing on very textured paper, the light shines out almost like torches.

What I found so interesting about this image as it emerged was that it was largely undefined.  Yes there are reeds, but they are far less representational than much of my work.  This affirmed to me that what Gene was calling us to was a wholesale change of attitude; a change of heart and mind.  The details are endless. Only a high level image could depict the huge changes necessary.

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