Concensus Decision Making


About the drawing

As I sat to begin listening to Mission Council, the group of the Church which represents the whole church and meets in between General Assembly, I had no idea what would come onto my page, so started on the chairs in front of me. As discussion moved to decision and the URC’s consensus decision making process moved, I sensed that God was not an idea, but a presence, allowing decisions and truth. The orange and blue cards are used in the process to reveal support or concern. In this picture, Consensus Decision Making, they fly at the will of the Spirit.

The URC is trying to herd cats with some sense. In other words, the URC is trying to hold together a vast array of responses to God’s leading in such a way as to make some route through that vast array for people who want to join in any part of URC mission. Vision 20 20 is the name, giving clarity of vision to the vast work. Its own logo is a collection of flames. Here, they are separated, falling on councils, groups of members, those outside the structures and the structures themselves.

Every meeting has its moments. Words which wake some and make others fall to sleep. We were rightly considering constitutions and various changes of words in description documents. This drawing kept me awake and gave some colour to dry words.

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