Word Made Flesh


About the drawing

I had no idea how refreshed I would be at my Ministers’ Refresher Course, a treat from the URC at every seven years of service. I had no idea because I missed my year 7 and year 14 treat and decided, now that I had turned 21 (ordained 21 years on July 23, 2009), that I would find out. I didn’t expect to have it open a whole new way of reflecting for me. But it is the reason I now draw my way through gatherings…

The theme was the text. I worked on this main picture during all the sessions and finally named it The Word Made Flesh. It began with the bottom left corner, then as discussion and experience grew, the picture grew to take in how the word is enfleshed and then show where the word is to be active.

During one session, we had a Bible Study on Luke 13:10-17, the story of the woman healed by Jesus on the Sabbath. I always feel that the worshippers get short shrift. They are keeping the Law because that is what they have been given to follow to show they love God. They keep it as an act of Love. Jesus is always trying to update that message, to fulfil the Law in new ways. But often, as we see in places of worship of all faiths, we can get stuck in the keeping of the law when we are being called to see the energy beyond our boundaries. This is called Healing and Law.

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