PaintingsI paint in oils with classic methods, mixing all my colours from earths and transparent or opaque primary colours. I love the challenge of creating my own colours and I have a real thing about the smell of oil paint and turpentine. One of my senses of heaven. I use glazes, piling transparent colour on transparent colour, building up a fabulous depth. Sometimes I paint on straightforward stretched canvasses, but other times, I stretch, tie, fasten, sew and otherwise fix my canvas to odd shaped stretchers, bringing a three dimensional quality to a traditional two dimensional medium.

If you want to commission a painting, please talk to me.  I particularly enjoy doing bespoke pieces to celebrate moments, such as a new partnership of people (see Tabernacle) or for a particular place (a new chapel, or centre, for instance).  We can talk about purpose and budget.  I rarely do work for individuals, though this is not out of the question.  As my work can be complex, I prefer it to be installed where people will gather around it and have conversations.

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