And it Was Good


About the painting

I had no idea what this painting would be.  It started from the wood and fabric.  The uprights are 300 year old yew, given by a neighbour whose family, generation by generation, couldn’t bear to throw away the pruning remains.  The cross beams are from my son’s old Futon.  The fabric is fine painter’s canvas.  The colour began when I was painting at an Arts-in-Action event at Oxford Castle in 2007. It was stored unfinished, and emerged again at my studio which looks on to the Oxford canal.

It unfolded through the years, making me think of poetry about the blanket of the sky and the unfolding of the universe.  Suddenly I saw the small Yew branch from the left, which felt a little like a magic wand.  And there it was, a creative act of sorts.  None of us truly know how the universe began or why we are part of it.  Scientists know how, more or less, and early theologians of many faiths tell stories about how it and we came to be.  All we know is that at some time, it was good.  The title comes from our Old Testament Creation stories.

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