Be Set Free


About the painting

I have heard so many stories of people who have been tied into other people’s perceptions of God’s rule and law.  As each story echoed with another, I found myself becoming more and more angry.  This painting emerged from that anger as I woke one morning. It found itself on an unused narrow boat cupboard door in my new studio.

The frame is painted in pastels of the strong colours of the spectrum. On these sweetened colours are golden phrases, sounding light and lovely yet frequently used to restrict.  Fabric strips, merging with the fabric binding the woman, speak other messages, more obviously controlling.  Outside the top left corner is a black weighty shape, clasped to the frame.  The woman’s face is not clear, almost unformed, an identity waiting to emerge from such a framework. White knuckles show the strength finally found to push the restrictions aside, to Be set free.

Available for Exhibition:

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