About the painting

I have always described my brain as a series of filing cabinets which hold information, closed away until needed. This painting was created when I was on ministerial break before I left the full time pastoral ministry; a time when I was reflecting on who I was and what I was to do. Just a way of describing what made so much sense to me, it grew to something with far more information than I expected. It shows the dancing I have always loved, the falling of symbols showing what inspires me, and the position of my life somewhere in the clouds. My etherial dancefloor shows both the foundation I feel in what could seem like heaven, but also my frequent feeling of isolation from earth. The frame was purchased years before, the copper offered to me by Pete, and the canvas (two weights) sewn together when I had a studio at the Ark-T Centre in Cowley. I had to ‘Trinity’ it by painting a strip of copper on the cabinets.

Available for Exhibition:

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