Searching Knowing


About the painting

Luke donated a canvas, already textured with threaded lines and moulded spray. I was attracted to its texture and began to pick out the bumps and ridges, seeing as they were there, they must have a purpose. This was a piece I watched and listened to. After a time I realised that it was landscape, not portrait. The growing blues and greens needed their companion colour, so the threads had to be red. Steps appeared at one studio session, at a similar time to me wondering quite where I was going in my life. I seemed to want to paint a destination.  As I studied what I’d done so far, I saw that the red threads were twisted in three groups. I felt settled – there was Trinity, there was the Pentecost Red of energy and new life. I don’t need a destination. The journey is held in each moment; the end point is not necessary to know.

Available for Exhibition:

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