About the painting

Sophia is a name for Wisdom. Wisdom is often the name of the Holy Spirit in the Hebrew scriptures. In this piece, Sophia is that wisdom, personified in the peaceful profile of the woman in the centre, floating rather Pre-Raphaelite in the water which flows through the piece. A few years ago, I saw a TV programme suggesting that the Garden of Eden was most likely a reality, was a typical mosaic tiled formal garden space and most likely used as inspiration for the Biblical narrative. I received this canvas from Luke in his huge bequest of art materials and many of these squares were already painted. In my 'paining out the brush' moments, I filled in squares and then began to see much more. This became the garden overlaid by the mythical apple and breaking apart. Tiles fall off, bricks fall over. Some goes sideways with the walls/floors on the left, the tree blooming sideways across the view. Tiles become buildings, almost tower blocks. Out of one red apple coloured wall, a man emerges from the wall, suggesting such a merging with a foundation narrative of some forms of faiths, that it is hard to see the person for the structure.

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