The stone Was Rolled Away


About the painting

I woke one morning with this picture on my brain. I could see the vaulted ceiling of a huge cathedral and I could see a small person – minimised and apparently ignored by the immensity of the institution of the church. But as I painted, I couldn’t manage the person in the bottom right hand corner and realised that s/he shouldn’t be there.

Suddenly fabric burst forth with colour and movement and shape. What appears as a fuzzy mass at the bottom right of the painting is white gauze and ribbons; the bursting forth. As I watched this grow, it became a statement of my distance from, yet attachment to, the institutional church. The church and its core creeds have told me of love when I wished particular people might have. I have been ordained and upheld by the church, even with my own deep critique of it. I both belong to it and fly out of it.

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