About the painting

I used to be a member of the United Reformed Church’s Doctrine, Prayer and Worship committee. As a visual learner, I need to doodle as I listen to colleagues and formulate my own thoughts. That was a long time ago, and the images stayed with me. They finally worked their way out into this painting on to merged canvasses – the red at this woman’s waist is one piece of canvas tucking behind another canvas holding the blue of her body. All the images came together in this single woman happily covered in eyes. She is flowing with insight, at one with water, itself teeming with life. She moves into a space we can’t see, yet with which she is clearly at peace. The right side of the painting is in red – the Christian colour for Pentecost – hinting to the Spirit giving her peace, and literally being one with her. Her right hand nearly burns with insight - the eye in the centre of her very red palm. Amidst all of this, she is unafraid.

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