Washington Nets


About the painting

I finished this painting when I was on sabbatical in my ministry in 1998. I can’t say that like other paintings, it was deliberately a theological statement. It came from a photograph I took when I was doing photojournalism back in the 1970s in my art degree course in Washington DC. It mixes cultures; Washingtonians rarely have net curtains and the culture of peering through them to watch people is British, not American. But I felt like an observer of this young lad, dressed of another time even from the 70s, with a bicycle of another age even from that. The streamers from the handlebars show this to be a whizzy bike indeed. But the colour of this cyclist’s skin shows were he felt safe enough to have a rest in Washington; at the back of a shed, next to a skip.

Perhaps I felt it made a theological statement after all.

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