Word Becomes Flesh


About the painting

This began in my new studio on a gift canvas from Luke. As I worked, I saw three persons of the Trinity, imagining the top person Creator, the centre person, Spirit and the one of the edge, the Incarnated One.  But as time went on, I recalled the theologian Carl Rahner’s note that any one of the Trinity could have become The Christ.

I enjoyed watching the female creator with her blond plait, but began to see that she could easily be Spirit Light and the Incarnated One could be female.  I enjoyed working with Spirit as an African Caribbean male with his warmth and energy, yet, as he plays with energy, he could be Creator and that the Incarnated One African Caribbean. As the Jesus figure holds light with no fear he could be Creator, and as an Arab, he could have been Spirit at anytime in Old Testament Prophets.  What we know is that Word becomes flesh.

The heavy damask cloth reminds me of heavy curtains in church alcoves and side chapels.  Under the fabric bounces Trinity symbols, pushing through the traditional church fabric to remind us again and again that there is no fixed way of knowing God.

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