About the painting

A blue person.  Red orange and yellow orange flames.  A leap.  Of what?  Who would willingly enter flame?  Is the person jumping? Falling? Flying?  We can’t know. Like other people in this series of paintings, this person is so oddly relaxed.  S/he almost looks like the arms are out in a run to welcome a friend in the distant fog or fire. It doesn’t seem right that there is so much peace in the body and so much power in the fire.  Yet the figure is peaceful and the flames are fierce.

There are days like this. Days when the fires of our lives seem to bristle and flicker and flame around us.  There are days when it seems our families are on fire, our towns ablaze, our cities burning ahead and behind us.  We can be worried and afraid to move, wanting to find a place away from the flame where we feel more safe.

This shockingly peaceful blue person says – Leap.  See the truth of the flame all around you, but go – leap – jump or fall into the life around you.  The fire eventually dies out and you will stand in the ashes, the one person not afraid to see what comes after the fire.  The amount of courage it took this blue person to leap into these flames can’t be seen.  All we can see is that the person did it. Leap. 

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