About the painting

A red figure sits at the top of a high forest, light filtering in through the leaves at the very top to the dark closed forest below.  The figure looks relaxed, certainly enough to hold on with only one hand as the other hand cups his/her mouth to call.  This is a high place, yet lush and warm, the trees almost cradling the caller. From such a high place in such a dense forest, it might seem odd to call out and expect to be heard.  But this person expects to be heard – the body is relaxed, not flexed with the effort of yelling. 

Moment after moment, day after day, some of us feel as if we call and no one hears.  We feel far away, tucked up in a space no one could see and our voices aren’t heard.  It can be in our homes, in our families, in our shops, in our streets, anywhere.  Somehow, we don’t feel as if we’re making the kind of noise which will get attention.

This red person says to us – expect to be heard.  Feel strong enough to only hold on with one hand and let the other reach out to make our voices stronger.  Expect that someone will hear.  This red human reminds us that so often we are the ones who tell ourselves that no one will hear us.  Like her/him, we can grow our expectations and believe that our voice will be allowed and heard.  Speak, this figure says.  Expect that someone will hear.

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