About the painting

A purple figure sits on top of a cliff edge, welcoming the dawn.  A cliff edge.  S/he is relaxed, taking in the atmosphere, perhaps awed by the light.  The colours are warm to hot, but the title is Chill.  The cliff edge is a scary place, but the title is Chill.  In almost complete opposition to the image, we keep reading the word, Chill.

Scary places, scary moments.  They happen so often.  We may feel that we’re on the edge, seeing too far into the distance without knowing what to make of it all.  We’re too high above, seeing how far we could fall and we make ourselves afraid.  We think ahead of what could go wrong in so many ways, like this person, being able to see so very much from such a frightening place.  We heat ourselves up with worry, tottering on an edge of problem, afraid to look to a warmer place.

Chill.  Simply cool down. Reduce the temperature.  Feel cooled to the core.  On whatever cliff-edge we feel heated by fear, on whatever edge we are confronted, on whatever scary high place we feel afraid we might fall, this person asks us to stop.  See the new day.  Sit a while.  “Chill out.”

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