About the painting

An orange figure flies up out of the blue water.  Water, not sky.  The figure has energy, flying up to the light, the dark shadow of the water below his/her very body. We don’t expect the idea of flying out of water – we expect the idea of swimming.  But somehow, this figure is flying, arms fully out, no water stopping the final emerging to the air above.  This is a confusing notion, this flying out of water, yet it seems no problem to this orange human.

So many times in our lives we feel as if we are under water.  We are certainly overwhelmed by things, by ideas, by other people, by things happening in the country we live in, let alone the things happening in the countries where we may have been born.  We can feel as if we are drowning in difficult times, sinking in debt, covered by worry, surrounded by things which made us feel like we can’t fly at all, but float helplessly in what feels out of our control. 

This warm orange figure encourages us to see that we can fly out of the overwhelming. We don’t need to drown in what we feel we can’t control.  If we lift our arms and look up, we can see outside of what we think holds us in, and begin to see ways out.  Just believing that we can fly out is the beginning of us breathing the air above the water.

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