About the painting

In a dark purple space sits a yellow person. Settled back, relaxed into what feels like a chair, one foot resting on the other, s/he sits. Waits.  What for?  No idea.  But waits.  There is no sign of the figure doing worrying things – no head on hands, no gripped fists, no clenched knees, no turning of the head to look elsewhere.  In the dark unknown place, the figure sits. Waits.

Oh my, we wait in our lives.  We wait for busses, for trains. We wait for food, for shopping queues to die down.  We wait for news, we wait for packages, we wait for children, we wait for parents, we wait to be seen, we wait to be heard, we wait to go online, we wait to go to bed, we wait until the alarm rings to wake up, we wait until we’re told we don’t have to wait.  We’re told to wait. We wait to be collected. We usually don’t want to wait.  Now is when we’d prefer, not later if it means we wait.  Waiting can be awful. Waiting makes us lose our patience, lose our nerve, lose our energy.

This yellow person in this purple space says Wait.  It is all right.  It can be a time to be relaxed and to enjoy.  The time won’t go any faster, but it can be a good time.  With one foot rested on the other, the person says, let the waiting be an activity in itself.  Wait.  It may just bring peace.

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