About the painting

A red, hot, almost dark sunset shows itself to a green figure on a beach.  The sunset could almost be flames, yet the figure stands cooly, hands on hips, one leg bent at the knee.  The figure is peaceful, waiting, watching for what next.  To watch is often to do something very active, or the reverse – being almost still.  This person seems neither, appearing to be completely relaxed in the face of such a remarkable sunset. It’s as if s/he has all the time in the world, watching for whatever will come next.

So often in our lives, we are asked to watch something or someone – a film, a television show, food cooking, the neighbour’s cat, our friend’s child, a rucksack whilst someone pops somewhere else. We can watch with great energy, focussing completely on the film or the TV, watching the boiling food as we watch the timer.  We can watch distractedly, back to our books whilst the rucksack sits on a train chair.  We can watch with annoyance, not sure if the neighbour’s cat will attack the garden.  We can watch with worry, not sure if our friend’s child will be in all right in our care.  Somehow, we don’t quite manage to simple relax and watch, taking in everything in our sight. 

This green figure calls us to a simple and complicated task.  Watch. Pay attention, yet relax.  Take it all in without worry or distraction.  Wonder what is next.  Watch.

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