About the painting

I was asked to paint something memorable for a valued colleague, due to leave a post in confusing circumstances. I knew a little, respect both the organisation and my colleague, and wanted to show some of that confusion. My colleague is an art-lover and I wanted something unique. I started with the fabric. The left hand pale green swathe is fabric stretched from the back of the frame, over the top, down the front, gathering into a cut in the centre canvas, and then secured at the back bottom of the frame. The top right blue of the centre canvas gathers behind the frame before it stretches out. The two blue folds toward the centre are painted, not folded, and the whole blue ‘curtain’ morphs to mountains at the bottom. As I knew I wanted some fabric to sit inside other fabric, the whole thing started with my sewing machine – edging the centre cut, then embroidering the left-over threads. These threads became the wheat like feature across the centre. The focus of the piece turned out to be the figure at the right hand edge of the bottom left blue section. This figure looks to all the coloured people in the centre, whilst the rest of the people in the dark blue section are looking towards light, but under a curtain formed from the gathered canvas. The whole piece connects confusion of front/back, in/out, bunched up/flat, real/painted texture, bright light/sheltered light. It said to me, “Behold!” there is truth should we have eyes to see. 

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