About the painting

This was a surprising finish just before Christmas, 2014.  It started one day when I was listening to the news.  Bloodshed, bombing, broken promises; I came to the studio and grabbed paint. Then I did my usual painting out of my brushes at the end of any studio day.  Slowly, I began to see the middle shadows as people shapes and I began to see the pillar of light on the left and the pillar of cloud on the right.  The cloud is in a hot yellow sky, filled with fumes of war and injustice.  The light is in a cool blue sky, the shadows of explosion still quite fresh.  A tiny yellow person stands out from the crowd - not a yellow coward, but a luminous figure making a way through it all. The title is not simply the name of the moving out of one thing on to another, it is the Bible epic drama, with the painting including the directional pillar of fire by day and the pillar of cloud by night.

Available for Exhibition:

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