About the painting

Witness began on a textured canvas, painting out my brushes from another painting in my usual style. I was enjoying the size of the canvas, testing out budding previous forays into letting my paint run and bleed, so that new colours – unplanned by me – emerged. As ever, I saw people in the blobs. The people seemed to want to crowd, but I’m not happy in crowds, so I kept trying to paint them apart from each other. No way, they seemed to say to me. So I painted them in groups, and as I did, I realised that I was painting them from the back. The groups themselves joined. I was standing my observer distance away from them and watched the crowd grow. I began to wonder what they saw. Then I saw light. Lots of it. My brushes rushed in with golden glows. As I stood back, I realised that they were witnessing an event of some description, something momentous, but by their relaxed poses, not frightening. A grand bonfire? The presence of God?

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