I hugely enjoy exercising visual theology by participating in conferences and meetings as an Artist in Residence. I settle myself, listen and begin creating. Though there is generally a conference theme about which I am aware, I am never sure what images will fly from my mind to my media surface.

Practically, I set up materials, usually at the back of a room, though for one event, I was on the stage with the speakers and at another, I was on a folding chair with my drawing pad and my wheely case of tools.  Usually I work with pen and pencils, so I lay them all out as I can, then start listening. I'm quite firm with myself that when the event ends, the image is finished, so there is always something to show at the end. Usually, I share the work on site by photographing the final piece and then displaying it through projection equipment. Sometimes, I will have created a scroll, rolling from one section to another as one event session follows another. In this case, with help, I expand the scroll at the event end to explain how the images arrived. Afterwards, I write a narrative of each section of a finished piece so that more verbal people understand what I was hearing and understanding with each image.  Frequently, this is used by participants to explain their participation when they return to the groups who sponsored their attendance.

If you’d like to commission me to bring my toolkit and respond visually to your conference, then please ask.