Renewing Reformed Theology Conference 2010

Wednesday 01 September - Friday 03 September

Final Photos

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Living Church

Blessing Wrestling Church

This piece was done as I listened to the Revd Dr David Peel, who spoke about the church struggling to find its blessing.  The church images are a traditional chapel style in the United Kingdom, a daily reminder of the consequences of the Reformation, the spur to our reformed theology.

Bible and Media

A quick little dit done as I listened to people talk about the Bible and its place within our social context.

Baptism Beginning

I was listening to the fabulous Editor of Christian Century speaking of the origins of his faith.  He put it squarely at his infancy, feeling connected to God from that early on in life.  The large hand which holds him and his Baptiser appears brown.  I had a wonderful time making that colour from all the colours in the rainbow.  Brown.  All the colours combined.

Dancing Church

Mother Church

Stained Glass