Saltaire - Believe in Shipley

Friday 23 September - Wednesday 03 October

Believe in Shipley (!) was the catchy name of the Shipley mission in 2016.  I spent my time in Saltaire, part of of the ecumenical community around Shipley.  My husband, dog, and I stayed in a motor caravan just north of the town, handy for having brought along an exhibition of 20 of my paintings displayed during the allmost two weeks.  My drawing residency was for two events - the first gathering of everyone from the churches at a praise service in St Peters, Saltaire, and for the public event which included the right Reverend John Sentamu, Bishop of Yorkshire. It was a privilege to be part of such a historic place whilst the people in it were passionate about their faith.  I have reservations about some of the events and their message, but that is because I am me.  Much of it inspired me and I was delighted to leave these two key images with the people of Saltaire to frame and to share.  A story sheet, showing the development of each piece, was also shared to be widely distributed to continue conversations after the events.