URC General Assembly 2012

Friday 06 July - Monday 09 July

I was privileged to be part of the United Reformed Church General Assembly 2012 as its Artist in Residence.  My painting area was set up at the back of the main hall next to my small exhibition, in itself, next to the URC press desk. In our own ways, the Communications team, Reform Editor and I recorded our own versions of this significant Assembly.

The final piece is called Living Water. The title comes from the flow of water from the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, brought so lovingly to us by Marilyn Legge, the Bible study leader.  As I painted the water rushing from the earthen jug, the water joined that of the rain I painted and we all experienced as we arrived, the water holding the Moses basket (brought to us afresh from Marilyn), the water in which churches sink and swim and people feel overwhelmed, the water holding the new Moses basket of the open topped hardly shaped URC, and the water of the bay beside which the saints traipse to climb their hill of witness.

The water started to flow below all the images, finally reflecting the stoles of colour painted from those created by Assembly members in the Friday evening session and distributed to Synods to carry back to their churches.  I realised that no matter if the water in our lives bodes ill with real, dangerous flooding, or whether the water bodes well as end to drought, it is all, somehow, of God, is God. It is Living Water. Healing will come.

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