Free to Believe 2012

Sunday 01 January - Thursday 05 January

The keynote speaker for the 2012 Free to Believe Conference was Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Priest within the Anglican Communion, consecrated in the Episcopal Church of the United States in Massachusetts.  His sessions were entitled Moving the Fence – Getting Beyond Inclusion and Going to Heaven – Spirituality for Anxious Times.  Alongside Gene, the URC Theologian, David Peel, gave two sessions entitled Sola Scriptura – The Achilles Heel of Reformed Theology and Scripture – Finding Water in the Well.

My role was to sit at the back of the room, to listen and to allow whatever images grew in my mind to move to paper.  I brought pastels, spirit pens and watercolour pencils and managed to use all three.  But I didn’t use the tools I brought for making these images into three dimensional pieces which I have done in other residencies.  Somehow, one single theme did not emerge and perhaps that is only right for a conference for Free to Believe.  There is no common theme, but a common attitude of mind and heart.  Three pieces emerged: For Grace or Threat, Difficult Reeds and Balancing Struggling Seeking Release.  Avideo was made of me explaining them; many thanks to the editor!

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