Residency Canvasses for General Assembly ready to go

Sunday 01 July

Here is the start. I couldn't turn up without a start, as the Assembly will move so quickly. The strip of canvas across all three pieces is a hint to the spread out scrolls of the Old Testament, our roots. The three panels hint to our Trinitarian foundation, and at the same time, point to the URC as a union of traditions. The frames, seen round the canvasses, hint to a framework to which we hope the union and professions of faith will fit. Yet the scroll ebbs and flows, tied in different ways to the framework, hinting to our variois attempts to see this union as harmonious. And we in the URC know that, though it is not always harmonious, it is somehow firmly linked - the solid hinges between the canvasses. And so I begin to paint the United Reformed Church General Assembly 2012 with what I know so far. My paints and brushes are now ready to hear. I've not read the book of reports as I want to hear and respond as one who hears afresh, even though much history is known.