Friday 15 December

I am delighted to tell you that I have secured a stupendous printing company, and along with the printer, some rather wonderful framers.  It will now be possible to have prints on very high quality off-white, matt (non reflective) paper.  Each print will be one-off, or part of a very small run, and will be personally signed according to print signature protocols (AP for Artist's proof, or a number/number format to indicate which print of how large a run your piece is). You may order individual prints of most drawings or paintings, and each of the image's pages will let you know if they are available for print. In some cases, the pieces can be printed in actual size, but some paintings are too large for such treatment. 

We are working on ways to frame prints of the paintings, as so many of my pieces are integrated with the frames or have no traditional frames. The framers are having a wonderful time with such a conundrum!  You won't have to order a print with a frame, but if you do, we will be in dialogue as to your choice, the aspect of the final piece, and what solutions we can arrange.

Most pieces will also be available as post cards.  There is just the small matter of laying out to do…

Please use the contact form to place orders or to ask for conversations about particular pieces.

These are exciting times!