A new website!

Friday 22 September

Well, my word, I am excited. I have been trying to work on and manage my website for YEARS.  Though I am an absolute technophile and an artist, the world of web development needs much more.  Each time a very good hearted person set up my website for me to manage, I sank in a world of language and functionality I couldn't understand.  Finally, through being in a nearby church to talk through my exhibition, Octave, I chatted with the gorgeous Joanne.  Who happens to build websites.  From scratch, with her husband.  It's not just that.  She gets me.  Knows what I can do and what I can't do.  And talks in common speak, not tech speak.  And here we are. 

Just for fun, this is what I can see out of my studio window.

from my studio
from my studio